Lightning Aura Component

Lightning Aura has been such a great technology from the very beginning of its journey. It has evolved to match new edge platforms and requirements of the enterprises.

“A single, integrated framework for developers to create rich, responsive applications that could be seamlessly “plugged in” anywhere in the UI.”

The main features of Lightning are:
  • Lightning User Experience, the GUI optimised for the web
  • Lightning App Builder, drag and drop enabled app creation and customization
  • Lightning Component Framework, tools and extensions for reusable components and standalone apps creation and customization
  • AppExchange a store of reusable applications
  • Lightning Design System, best practices and style guides for app development
  • Lightning Connect,data integration using OData specification
Aura Components: Benefits

The benefits include out-of-the-box components based on event-driven architecture optimized for performance.

  • Faster application development
  • Collaboration with other Salesforce users
  • Wider browser support
  • More user interactions
  • JSON formatted data exchanges
  • Responsive and attractive designs

Lightning Component Architecture:

Lightning Web Components (LWC)?

Lightning Web Components offers standards-based framewor for creating lightning components on the Salesforce Platform. Lightning Web Components incorporates the latest innovations in JavaScript like Shadow Document Object Model (DOM), custom elements, and web components.

Lightning Web Component Framework: Benefits
Performance enhancements

      Faster rendering and better performance due to absence of abstract layers

Faster loading of websites

      Lightning Web Components loads faster and are web standard based

Improved secuity

      Fewer custom functions usage as it uses inbuilt security features

Common Components

      Promotes reusability through common components

Simple to learn

      Easy to learn as it adheres to javascript

Aura vs Lightning Syntax:

Salesforce Lightning Web Components aligns developers with the new JavaScript coding standards and prevents deprecated features to be used. Significant UI performance improvements are observed as the modern browsers support the latest code standards.