Mule Mysteries: The error in the Error Handler

Antony Faraira  

This series publishes the excerpts from the developers' notes describing their journey as they traverse through unforeseen paths finding solutions to problems.

Enabling Custom Headers in Salesforce Connector for Mule 4

Dhruv SK  

Understand how to leverage custom properties of Salesforce Connector in Mule 4 for triggering rules when different objects are created in the Salesforce.

Connector Development through REST Connect Tool

Antony Faraira  

MuleSoft connector specifies the packaged functionality of an API or service in a reusable and easily discoverable format. Connector development is a very large and wide area in MuleSoft and each of the current functionality of MuleSoft is based on different connectors.

Salesforce Lightning: The Futuristic Platform and Novel Experience in CRM

Deepak Jose  

Lightning Aura has been such a great technology from the very beginning of its journey. It has evolved to match new edge platforms and requirements of the enterprises

The five disciplines of cloud governance framework

Maria Grace  

Cloud Governance is a set of policies and practices to control and track cloud resources with optimised performance without compromising security and compliance

DevOps: A Panoramic Portrait

Eshan Md 

It is an inevitable set of practices using tools to shorten the code development life cycle , especially in an agile environment